Brandt Stickley
Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is an exquisite and sophisticated means of understanding the whole person and provides incredible insight into your patients.

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Dragon Rises Seminars: Shen-Hammer Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Brandt Stickley, DOM.

Brandt Stickley is Assistant Professor of Classical Chinese Medicine at NCNM in Portland, OR. He is visiting faculty at DRCOM in Gainesville, FL and Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. He is Chinese medicine Director at Outside In, serving homeless and disenfranchised youth. He continues advanced study with Dr. Leon Hammer and teaches both CCPD and Dragon Rises Red Bird Flies model of CM psychology. His home and gift economy practice are in Portland, OR in the Cascadian bioregion.

For other information, Brandt can be contacted by e-mail: